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Electi Credits FAQ

Each category offers a distinct set of benefits. As a Customer, you can purchase health products (supplements) at retail prices. Upgrade to Club Membership for exclusive pricing on health products, along with access to Explore by Electi travel platform, Elevate by Electi library, virtual educational events, and live training events. Become an Influencer to participate in the Electi compensation plan, enabling you to earn commissions by promoting our exceptional products and services.

  • products at retail prices
  • access explore travel platform
  • virtual and live training events
  • earn commissions

By becoming a Club Member, you will receive Electi Credits every month that you choose to remain an active member.Electi Credits offer a versatile shopping experience. You can use them to acquire a range of products and services. This includes our renowned health products (Supplements), converting Electi credits into travel credits for exclusive savings on our Explore by Electi travel platform, or gaining access to the Elevate by Electi library, virtual training, and live training events.

For a comprehensive breakdown of our Club Memberships and the exclusive benefits they entail, please refer to our detailed information [here](LINK)

Absolutely. Club Members can cancel their membership on a monthly basis. Electi Credits earned during the membership period remain in the account until 12 months after cancellation. For example, if a member cancels on the 15th November 2024, the Electi Credits will expire on the 15th November 2025.

Joining Electi is a seamless process. Sign up at any time using the referral link of one of our dedicated Influencers (Distributors) or through their webalias name [here](

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